PHP-DB v. 19.10.25

Simple database

No need install nothing only work with folders (tables) and files without extensions (rows)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 stars
Review Version 19.10.25

This is the first oficial version of php-db simple database. This work whit arrays and all functions of PHP can use to order, calculate, search, compare, create, update, read and delete... Min requeriments PHP version 5.6.28. work perfectly in PHP 7.

Easy control, All database is in a dir and you can copy, move, edit directly. The backup is simple only you need copy the dir of the database.

Use sub-folders... This is a tree database. You can too use the typical schema of tables.

Posted by S4NS0N on 1/1/19
Features > No need installation

Copy and paste the database of example and use include in the php file.

Features > Easy to use

Basic functions to Create, Read, Update and Delete is in the php-db19-2-1.php file. All data is a array and all funtions of PHP can be used. The tables are folders and the rows are files whitout extensions.

More functions: Order Asc or Desc, add, subtract, multiply, divide, Blocks of rows...

Features > It's Free

GNU General Public License. Only respect comments in the file .php

Features > Backup is copy and paste

The database are folders, To Backup only need copy folder of the database.

Features > Ultra Secure

The files of rows are protected by server and only de file .php can use to CRUD rows.

Invulnerable to SQL Injection because not use SQL.

This have option to encrypt data whit KEY.

Features > Unlimited data

The limit of this database is your hard disk.

Features > Enterprise system

Support massive data. You can use multiple user to work in the database and are more efficient of other databases because the shell is PHP no need connections or additional plugins.

Features > Robust and light

Not have white spaces for use VARCHAR, CLOB, INT, DATE ... or use limit data of the row. This white spaces are a database more slow and big size. This database only use string system and PHP can interpreter how to Integer, Number or Date and never make white spaces. This is equal to ultralght and more robust database.

Features > Subtables for Rows

This can use tree database system. Create Subtables of rows, the subtables are folders whit id unique of the row.

The classic system of schemas too can use... 1 to N...